Arena Powerskin Jammers

arena-logoArena Powerskin suits first appeared in 2002. They have become some of the most popular race suits in major competitions. The latest Powerskin suits are the Carbon Pro series which, at the London Olympics, helped swimmers claim 10 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammer Review

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air is the manufacturer's latest jammer in their very popular Powerskin lineup. This suit is 30% lighter than the Carbon Pro. A great high-end suit.

Arena Powerskin R-EVO+

The Arena Powerskin R-EVO+ is a worthy suit. It delivers excellent compression and fit. The suit has been available for a couple of years, so the prices have dropped a little to make this an affordable high-end suit.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 Jammer

Arena's Carbon Pro MK2 Jammer is their latest, high-end suit and is being used by many top-flight swimmers.

This suit is newly-released to comply with FINA regulations and has new color selections. Pricey but well worth a look.

Arena Powerskin XP Jammer

The Arena Powerskin XP Jammer delivers excellent value for money. The suit uses Arena's high-end fabric, Z-Raptor+, which makes for a well-fitting suit with good muscle compression.

Arena Powerskin ST Jammer

The Powerskin ST Jammer is Arena's entry-level race swimsuit, designed for advanced competitors. They use their X-Raptor fabric and regular stitching, which offers good value for money.

Arena Powerskin R-EVO Jammer

Arena's Powerskin R-EVO Jammer is a high-end suit packed with features. The suit is made from Arena's Z-Raptor+ fabric and is constructed with thermo-bonded seams. It's one of the most hydro-dynamic jammer's on the market today.