Nike Jammers

Nike Hydra HD3 Jammer

The Nike Hydra HD3 jammer is one of the company's high-end suits. The suit includes several advanced features, including bonded seems that are aligned with the water flow direction. A good suit after you are done with your entry-level suit.

Nike Swim Swift II Jammer

The Nike Swim Swift is Nike's entry-level swim jammer. The suit includes several features that are normally reserved for higher-end suits, including zone tension technology, which helps with muscle compression.

Nike Swim Hydra II Jammer

The Nike Swim Hydra II jammer is an excellent elite level competition suit made from premium materials and backed
Nike's world-famous R&D capabilities.

Nike Swim Flex LT Jammer

Nike's Swim Flex LT is a worthy suit. The suit's fabric is extremely water-repellant and worth considering if you are looking for a mid-range suit.

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