Phelps Looking to Grow the MP Swimwear Line

Michael Phelps is trying to make the transition from pool success to business success. He says that he admires how Michael Jordan was able to parlay his success on the court into the business world. Jordan turn his namesake brand into a billion dollar empire.

One area Phelps will focus on is his line of swim gear that launched with Aqua Sphere in 2015. (This is the partnership that brought us the MP Xpresso jammer.)

Phelps says, that he spent 18 months working with the company to create a suit with state-of-the-art fabric that delivers superior drag reduction.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Phelps says that the next job is to find a currently-active swimmer to serve as a spokesperson.

“That’s something that we’re talking about now,” Phelps explains. “I wanted to kind of finish my career wearing my own brand and then branch out to potentially having other swimmers who are still competing at a high level represent it.”

Read the full article here.

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