Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer Review


The Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer is the brand's entry into the high-end tech suits. This suit is constructed to support a freestyle stroke.


The Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer is the manufacturer’s top-of-the-line race swimsuits. While the sports clothing brand is one of the most famous in the world, Adidas has yet to make a splash into the swimming world. They have been doing so recently, sponsoring world-class athletes such as Allison Schmidt, Cesar Cielo and Britta Steffen.

The Adizero XVI Freestyle jammer is designed with freestylers in mind. A sister product, the Men’s Adizero XVI Breaststroke Jammer, is designed especially for breaststrokers.

The suit is made with a 76% Nylon/ 24% elastane (Spandex) blend similar to that of Speedo’s Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2. The suit delivers good compression, thanks to the high Spandex content. Adidas calls this their X-TRA Energy feature. The compression not only helps to reduce the swimmer’s drag streamline, but also helps them to recover quicker.

Adidas chose to blend Nylon with the Spandex. This offers more comfort than using polyester. However, neither Nylon nor Spandex are chlorine resistant and will breakdown after several uses. To get the most out of the Adizero XVI Freestyle jammer, it’s important to follow the care instructions closely.

In addition to a high-compression fabric, Adidas also strategically places the suits panels to give extra compression in critical areas. Polyurethane bands running down the inner thighs and back of the suit help to support the freestyler’s stroke and motion. (The tape on the Adizero XVI Breastroke Jammer runs in a different location.) The tape helps the swimmer to hold a good freestyle position, especially when fatigue set in. The Adidas marketing folks have come up with the terms X-TRA Flow and X-TRA Fit.

The suit’s fabric is woven together using bonded seems, which also helps keep a low-profile suit. The Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer is FINA Approved for competition.

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