Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammer Review


The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air is the manufacturer's latest jammer in their very popular Powerskin lineup. This suit is 30% lighter than the Carbon Pro. A great high-end suit.


The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air jammer is the latest development for Arena’s POWERSKIN Carbon collection. This suit FINA approved suit offers many features and strongly emphasized comfort. The Area Carbon Air is designed to be comfortable when wearing and also to be lightweight (hence, “Air”). However, the suit also utilizes carbon fiber technology to enhance compression, allowing the suit to offer desirable traits over a wide spectrum.

This suit is designed with the main idea to be light and comfortable. As a racing suit, the Arena suit’s smooth construction serves to give the suit as little resistance as possible in the water while still featuring the durability and compression strength necessary for a competitive jammer. This mind-set in the design creates a well-rounded suit that is built with the wearer in mind, not just the race.

Carbon fibers are a technology used in a variety of capacities, typically for high-stress materials in a diverse variety of fields ranging from aerospace to civil engineering to performance sportswear. These fibers are known to be both lightweight and very strong, so they offer the ability to have. By utilizing carbon fibers within the Powerskin Carbon Air, the consumer is presented with a durable suit that is not bulky.

In order to balance comfort and performance capacity, this suit combines two other materials with the carbon fiber in its construction. Elastane (also known as Spandex) and nylon materials are also utilized. This is a significantly lightweight combination designed to be a “second skin” for the wearer. Each component in the material has a different function, and their combination make the suit a well-rounded piece. Special carbon rings are positioned throughout the Carbon Air at stretch points to reinforce the suit, providing support and control where necessary. The elastane provides the flexibility and conformity of the suit. Nylon fibers are incorporated to ensure that the suit is comfortable. This woven combination is designed to give the Arena Carbon Air competitive features on all levels.

This suit is advertised as being 30% lighter than the previous Arena incarnation, the Carbon Pro. This latest suit’s light design allows for flexibility with moment and comfort while in the water, as well as lowering the amount of excess weight and resistance the swimmer must carry, therefore increasing capacity for speed and endurance.

The Carbon Air is designed to provide compression to specific muscle groups, as opposed to simply full compression throughout the suit. By providing support directed towards strategic areas, the suit can provide the necessary compression without compromising range of motion.

The carbon fiber incorporated creates strong compression and durability features while still remaining lightweight.

While it does provide selective compression, this Carbon Air jammer’s light construction also makes it very flexible, meaning it is easy to move and adjust. The suit is designed to allow freedom of movement to enhance the swimmer’s ability to move through the water with a variety of strokes. This suit features specifically designed stretch points to enhance comfort. These stretch points are positioned strategically so as to support the body’s natural movements.

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air jammer is currently available in three color combinations: Electric Blue/Titanium Blue, Fuchsia/Titanium Blue, and Dark Grey/Black. It is designed to fit above the knees.

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