Nike Hydra HD3 Jammer


The Nike Hydra HD3 jammer is one of the company's high-end suits. The suit includes several advanced features, including bonded seems that are aligned with the water flow direction. A good suit after you are done with your entry-level suit.


Nike is a top global brand manufacturer of athletic wear and equipment for a variety of sports. The Nike brand is used by some of the best athletes in the world and has proven itself in the global sporting arena. Nike now enters the competitive world of elite swimming with a series of high performance swimming jammers that are designed to help swimmers achieve maximum performance. The Nike Hydra HD3 is the successor to the successful Hydra and continues this success with new innovative features that bring out the best in highly competitive swimmers that help them to beat the clock, personal or world records or to simply demolish the competition out of the water.

The Nike Hydra HD3 utilizes several proprietary technologies that enhance the performance of this elite jammer. It is constructed with lightweight stretch-woven fabric with strategically positioned torso seams that significantly reduce drag. Nike uses proprietary zoned tension technology to prevent air and water pockets in the jammer, which increases drag. The zoned tension technology also contributes to effective compression for better and more efficient muscle performance, reduced fatigue, and improved recovery. The torso seams also enhance durability without compromising the swimmers freedom of movement. The garment also uses double lined panels to enhance privacy as well as improve body streamlining to decrease body surface area exposed to the water. The leg openings use smooth, bonded elastic fabric that is comfortable and contributes to drag reduction. All seams are strategically placed to reduce drag. The garment also uses a convenient waist drawstring for a better fit and comfort. Nike also uses brightly colored stitching to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garment.

The Nike Hydra HD3 is an elite level jammer that is to be used exclusively for swimming training or racing. The jammer was not designed to tolerate the rigors of multisport events that include cycling and running. The Nike Hydra HD3 is also not built with a chamois that is essential for comfort during the bike leg. The Hydra HD3 is durable enough to be used for training and racing unlike most elite level jammers. However, we still recommend using an alternate jammer for training and racing in order to extend the lifespan and maximize the usable life of your garment. The MSRP for the Nike Hydra HD3 is $218.

Product Features

  • Strategically positioned bonded seams that are aligned with water flow to enhance hydrodynamics and reduce drag
  • No-sew leg openings enhance overall compression and reduces drag without compromising comfort
  • Zoned tension technology assures a perfect fit for a wide range of bodies. It also minimizes drag in the water, and stops air and water pockets from entering the jammer
  • Highly water repellent fabric enhances hydrodynamic performance in the water

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