Nike NG-1 Jammer Review


The Nike NG-1 Jammer is uses dual-layers to deliver a mix of compression and comfort. Often, these benefits are at odds with each other. The NG-1 is worth considering.


The Nike NG-1 Jammer was designed as a better, “next generation” addition to Nike’s growing collection of technical swimwear. Although an established name in the sportswear world, Nike is still young in the swimwear arena. Developed using input from athletes who had experience with Nike’s previous jammer incarnations, he Nike NG-1 Jammer is a FINA-approved suit created to be a versatile and comfortable option that’s features met popular demands. Designed to meet the diverse needs of different strokes, this suit was built with the wearer in mind.

Each seam in the Nike NG-1 Jammer is bonded rather than sewn. This enables the suit to have a smooth surface both inside and out. On the inside, this makes the suit comfortable to wear and prevents rubbing and chaffing. On the outside, the smooth surface creates the least resistance possible which reduces drag and increases speed.

Nike NG-1 Jammer Uses Dual Layers

This suit is designed with two layers of water-repellent fabric. This thicker outer layer allows for effective compression and serves to streamline the suit so that it moves smoothly through the water and creates as little resistance as possible. This combination of compression and water resistance limits the friction the suit causes, allowing the swimmer to propel themselves through the water using less energy.

The inside layer of the NG-1 Jammer is a more lightweight, comfortable fabric which also repels water. The design allows the suit to flex and move with the wearer. This feature allows the suit to be comfortable and functional for all swim strokes, making it versatile. This fabric provides stability while allowing the wearer to move freely through their strokes.
This suit features what is called “movement based compression.” It contains sections in the fabric designed to be compressive panels to support strategic muscles and enhance performance ability.

The suit is strategically pieced together to enhance performance. The seam lines are reinforced to be additionally durable while still maintaining a smooth surface. These special seams provide support and lift to the oblique and gluteal muscles. This enhances the body’s natural ability to propel itself, as well as supporting the natural movements within the range of motion utilized during different strokes.

Hi-stretch recovery tape is placed along seam lines in order to enhance the suit’s ability to provide support and compression. This tape lies flat against the main fabric of the NG-1 to provide maximum comfort. Seams on the hip and leg feature this hi-stretch recovery tape to ensure the suit maintains its original shape as much as possible while remaining as flexible as possible. The leg openings also share this feature, which helps the suit to remain in place.
The waistband is bonded to lie flat and does not have a raised seam. It is also reinforced and has a lowered draw cord channel. These features enhance the Nike NG-1’s ability to create a water-proof seal and prevent as much drag as possible. This design also makes it much more difficult for the suit to move during use, enabling the least amount of drag and the most amount of comfort possible.

Nike places a high value on style to complement functionality in their products. Each NG-1 Jammer features different colors on the outside and inside layers. The product is currently available in Black, Active Red, and Photo Blue. Each color choice is paired with a different but complimentary color on the inside layer of the suit.

Overall, Nike’s NG-1 Jammer is a versatile suit designed based on consumer’s desires for functionality, versatility, and capability.

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