Some Powerskin Carbon Pro Suits Banned

Some of Arena’s Powerskin Carbon Pro line of suit have been banned by FINA for not complying with the rules and regulations. Arena launched a quality control investigation and discovered that a change in the manufacturing process, which was necessary to meet demand, may have inadvertently caused a reduction in the “permeability to air” of some of the suits. The suits affected were manufactured between the end of 2012 and 2013.

Arena, therefore, advised FINA of its decision to withdraw the approval codes of concerned POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro models:

AR220993 – woman full body open back

AR220994 – woman full body closed back

AR141364 – man jammer

Consequently, as of May 7 onwards, all POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suits to be used in FINA sanctioned events will have the following approval codes:

AR221039 – woman full body open back

AR221028 – woman full body closed back

AR141028 – man jammer

You can read the full press release, plus find out what Arena is doing to remedy the situation here.

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