Aussies Return to the Golden Cap

No stone has been left unturned as Australian Swimming tries to understand why they had the worst Olympic performance in many years. Even the equiment is being questioned. Apparently, the team had two types of swim caps — one white, plus the iconic golden caps.  However, the white ones were made from the latest technology — Speedo Fastskin3 — while the golden caps used silicone.

The team chose performance over looks:

THE gold cap is back. On the eve of the London Olympics, The Australian revealed the nation’s swim team would largely abandon its iconic gold caps and compete at the Games almost exclusively in white caps.

It was as much a revelation to Olympic team head coach Leigh Nugent as it was to the Australian public. The first Nugent knew that Speedo had not prepared its new Fastskin hi-tech caps in gold was when The Australian questioned why the traditional colour had given way to an all-white cap, save for thin swirls of green and gold.

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