TYR Avictor Prelude Male Short Jammer Review


The TYR Avictor Prelude jammer is the manufacturer's fastest suit. It provides good muscle compression and a variety of colors.


The TYR Avictor Prelude swim jammer is a high-end suit manufactured by TYR.

The company, founded in Southern California in the 1980s, has a reputation for excellence in competitive swimwear. The FINA approved TYR Avictor Prelude Short Jammer is hailed as the fastest swimsuit in TYR’s line. The company works hard to collaborate with experts and athletes to create versatile, innovative swimwear that is both comfortable and competitive. This suit provides features to enhance strength and mobility, including a water-repellent design and fully-flexible compression.

The Avictor Prelude features “hydrospheric” technology. According to TYR, this technology causes the water to flow around the suit without penetrating it. The design allows the water to create a sort of “sphere” of water around the outside of the suit while not penetrating the jammer. This creates a smooth surface for the water to pass by, reducing friction and expending less energy. The technology also causes the water to conform to the body in a way that supports natural movement, enabling a swimmer to move faster and more efficiently.

Another water-friendly feature of this jammer is its special coating. Designed to repel, not absorb, water, the coating allows the TYR Avictor Prelude to stay dry and friction-free as much as possible. Water absorption creates extra drag and unnecessary weight for the swimmer to carry. By repelling the water with this coating, the Prelude maximizes speed and minimizes energy expended.

TYR Avictor Prelude Delivers Great Compression

The design of this jammer places an emphasis on allowing for natural movement. The suit is designed with comfort and mobility in mind by providing compression that is strongly supportive but not restrictive. The Avictor Prelude jammer is engineered to provide strong compression that allows for differences in body shapes and sizes. The bonded seams are designed to flex and reshape to the body of the wearer, allowing the suit to provide for unrestricted movement and versatile fit. It is designed to stretch in all directions, allowing full mobility for the swimmer and making it a versatile all-around suit.

This suit is also designed to be durable. Created to last through “long meets and multiple swims” while still retaining its compression features, the TYR Avictor Prelude is built for durability.  While some suits may lose compression due to being stretched, this suit is designed to last longer and still retain its ability to fit tightly to provide support and reduce drag, even after extended use.

The exact fabric combination for the Avictor Prelude is made of two elements: nylon and lycra spandex, in 70% nylon/ 30% lycra spandex combination. The nylon element makes the suit more comfortable than those featuring polyester farbics. The suit’s lycra spandex provides flexibility and stretching to facilitate mobility for a full range of motion. This product is made in the United States.

This jammer is considered a “short” jammer, meaning it hits above the knees a bit higher than a normal jammer. The TYR Avictor Prelude jammer is available in a variety of different colors and patterns which cover the entire suit. It is currently available in Black Multi, Grey/Red, Black/Black, Blue/Pink, Red/White/Blue, Black/Blue, and Black/Green print styles.

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