So, the swimming world has become the next sport to yield to technological advancements.

A few years ago, swimsuits were the enemy. After all, they created drag for the swimmer and, therefore, most swimmer took a smaller-the-better approach.

But the latest advancements in technology by the major swimwear manufacturers has changed all that. The new suits are not only made of hydro-repellent fabric, but also use compression materials to help keep the swimmer streamline. In fact, the swimsuit’s qualities became such a factor that it caused FINA to restrict the body-coverage.

For males, FINA ruled that the suit must not go below the knee or above the waist. This style is now known as a Jammer.

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The Nike Swim Swift is Nike's entry-level swim jammer. The suit includes several features that are normally reserved for higher-end suits, including zone tension technology, which helps with muscle compression.

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