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So, the swimming world has become the next sport to yield to technological advancements.

A few years ago, swimsuits were the enemy. After all, they created drag for the swimmer and, therefore, most swimmer took a smaller-the-better approach.

But the latest advancements in technology by the major swimwear manufacturers has changed all that. The new suits are not only made of hydro-repellent fabric, but also use compression materials to help keep the swimmer streamline. In fact, the swimsuit’s qualities became such a factor that it caused FINA to restrict the body-coverage.

For males, FINA ruled that the suit must not go below the knee or above the waist. This style is now known as a Jammer.

Latest Reviews

Nike NG-1 Jammer Review

The Nike NG-1 Jammer is uses dual-layers to deliver a mix of compression and comfort. Often, these benefits are at odds with each other. The NG-1 is worth considering.

Adidas Adizero XVI Breaststroke Jammer

The Adidas Adizero XVI Breaststroke Jammer is designed for breaststrokers. The suit offers good compression and helps breaststrokers get the most from each kick.

Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer Review

The Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer is the brand's entry into the high-end tech suits. This suit is constructed to support a freestyle stroke.

MP Michael Phelps Xpresso Jammer Review

The MP Xpresso jammer is the first suit released from a partnership between Michael Phelps and AquaSphere. The suit is comparable with top-of-the-line suits from many well-established manufacturers. Worth trying on, at least.

Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer

The LZR Racer X Jammer is Speedo's top-of-the line swim jammer. Most elite Speedo-sponsored swimmers race in this suit. A great option if this suit fits within your budget.

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